Friday, May 1, 2009

Update on three recently finished projects

It's time to post three of my most recent projects, just recently wrapped up.

In trying to do more work in the music field, I had an opportunity to do a piece of art for a shirt for a local Atlanta band called Soulhound. They use the term "funky, sweaty, soul-grooving music" to describe them, and that is the perfect description. For their shirt, however, they wanted to go a little more organic. So, we worked with the "groovy" side and organic colors. This was the final option they chose.

The next project was a book cover for Ned White. I must give credit to Bobby Hickman, editor, writer, connection and fellow Freelance Forum member for sending this very quick project my way. I worked with this local author and his artist to complete this project. You can purchase this book at Create Space.

And last but not least, I helped a friend and fantastic marketing communicator, David Chesnut, rework his web site. This was a challenge for me to learn a few additional things. David knows what he wants and was not afraid to ask. AND he was very encouraging as I learned to overcome a few technical issues. The site looks simple but it did take more thought and effort to get it there. He wanted clean and simple and we delivered.