Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How did you spend your winter and spring?

It's been a busy winter and early spring at KFDP. We started off the year doing our first ad for European Reflections with photographer David Schilling to go into an issue of Veranda magazine. Apparently the framed mirror concept was a successful one as they received 15 calls as soon as subscriptions hit the mailboxes, before the newsstand editions arrived.

We've done our usual winter and spring Silver Falcons newsletters for our trusty retired Eastern Air Lines employees. We added a one-time newsletter for Catherine Kelleghan Gallery, InFocus, into the mix. Check out the beautiful work on her site for sale.

A couple of new things have come along this year—a logo for GBPI with Alison Amoroso as they plan to go around the state and do Health Care Symposiums, beginning in September. Also a redesign for Professional Pet Sitter magazine with Steve Milano, and the layout of their spring issue.

We also have had the pleasure of working on the ad series for the upcoming Telluride Blues & Brews Festival with Courtney McClary and Paula Donner. This involves multiple ads, all shapes and sizes, with an ever-growing list of performers to work into the different spaces.

Then we have our spring issue of Charleston Style & Design, made even nicer by having Dickson Dunlap shoot many of our ads this time. Since the ads are our portion of the magazine, we were greatly appreciative of the upgrade in photography! Rob Johnson did the editorial art for this issue. Largest issue yet—definitely an achievement in this economy.

We also have Atlanta ShowGuide, both Dance and Spring issues, with Gregg Daugherty and Chris McMurry of BlueMedia, highlighting live shows in the greater Atlanta area.

And finally we've wrapped up a three issues of CDHC Solutions magazine with Doug Field and Matt Bolch, and an issue of EmployersWeb magazine, helping companies strategize and dovetail their existing health care and benefits programs with the new and changing laws.

Now we understand why taking a couple of days off to run to Memphis was so necessary at this point in the year! After all, one must prepare for late spring and early summer (hopefully downpours) of work!